A pet project that started out as a dream and became a reality.
Still small, the business remains personal, giving clients their extra special attention as required.

Having previously worked for SA’s leading photography business (SDR Photo), I have serviced some of the most outrageous events on the calendar – weddings, beauty pageants, catalogues, campaigns, etc.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Simon from (SDR Photo) for guiding me along the way and providing opportunities that other photographers can only dream of!

Because of this plethora of priceless opportunity and knowledge, I’ve shot almost anything and everything imaginable, from Miss World Swimwear to International Catalogues to Private Events, not forgetting a gazillion Fashion weeks, being official photographer for both local (AFI, Mercedes-Benz, SA Fashion Week, etc) and international (Swahili Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, etc), as well as assisted on major campaigns for various clientele and even choreographed a fashion show ;)

This dream can only grow and prosper further into reality. To the future!

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